SideFields is a London based Indie / Surf / Shoegaze project comprising eclectic flavours and diverse musical background. Drawing on inspiration in the multi layered guitar work of Johnny Marr drawing further influences from likes of Suede, The Jesus & Mary Chain, John Cale, The Raveonettes and The National. While never actually listening to a whole punk album, Punk’s approach has crept inside the music too.

SideFields had developed a modest but loyal following in Tel Aviv, where the band has recorded its first EP which was self produced, and mixed by Simon Vinestock (Blur, Echobelly, Tears For Fears, Thin Lizzy). In 2007 London was calling and it was time for a new life to commence

During 2008 – 2009 SideFields turned into a studio project and recorded an album of demos, called Time For Reconstruction. The album has never been released officially, though some of the tracks from it are still being played live and one of them found its way to the following album.

The majority of SideFields’s newest album, The Night, was written in a blaze of creativity during early 2014, added by a few songs that were written between 2012-2014. Showcasing the best collection of SideFields songs, they were recorded with no compromises or time constraints offering a journey through one man’s mind. Itay describes The Night as “ zealous, light hearted joys of stepping out and exploring London’s hidden treasures through positive forward looking hymns of self-belief “. With a music video being shot for the single “The Night Is Ours” and some raving reviews in different blogs and press, The Night shows signs of becoming a surprising force in the next few months. Along his way Itay was joined by Ed Kontargyris on drums and Marino Donati on bass. Their contribution to the band’s sound is unmistakable and gave the songs the live element the need to thrive on stage as well as on record. SideFields constantly perform the London pub and are looking forward to tour the new album in 2015 in the UK and Europe.

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Our next gig will be at the prestigious Cuckoo Club in Mayfair. Entrance by invitation only, contact us for details.

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Getting some love from Darklands radio show in Spain 107.8 FM, playing two of our tracks. Here's a link to the recorded show:

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Check out our new album:The Night

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London, UK